Automatic Compound Potato Chips Production Line|Compound Potato Chips Making Machine

  • Raw Material: potato flakes,flour
  • Capacity: 30-50kg/h,200kg/h,500kg/h
  • Applications: make potato chips without fresh potatoes
  • Main Parameter: The automatic compound potato chips production line uses potato flour raw materials, and finally produces high-end delicious potato chips by mixing, pressing, molding, frying and seasoning.
Introduction of automatic compound potato chips production line:
The automatic compound potato chips production line is a production line independently developed and researched by the Company on the basis of absorbing European and American technologies. The equipment uses potato flour raw materials, and finally produces high-end delicious potato chips by mixing, pressing, molding, frying and seasoning.

Compound potato chips processing line:
Mixing Raw Material----Calender----Forming---Air Drying---Fryer Machine---Vibration Oil Removal Machine----Air Drying Deoiling Machine--Flavoring Machine
compound potato chips production line
potato chips making machineFeature of compound potato chips making machine:
1.The flour mixer machine uses flour and potato flakes as raw materials. Put flour and potato flakes into the mixer in proportion and stiring them.
2.For the Calender Group, general, it is with three sets of rolling roller.
3.For this forming machine, the finished size and shape can be designed according to the mould on the forming machine. One set of mould roller can produce one size. If you need different shape and different size, we can customize the mould for you.
4.Potato chips frying machine: it is continuous type and will take about 1-3 minutes to fry this kind of compound potato chips.
5.Potato chips deoiler: remove excess oil on the surface of the potato chips,and make the fries more healthy and delicious.
6.Compound potato chips flavoring Machine: it is with 10r/min, working speed is adjustable. It is special with spice adding motor to control, and also can adjust the machine to control the amount of spice.
potato chips frying machine
Advantages of potato chips machine:
1.This compound potato chips production line is using potato flakes and wheat flour main material to produce compound potato chips.Solve the problem of production loss due to insufficient supply of potatoes.
2.The entire production line is made of stainless steel and meets the national food production standards.
3.There are multiple heating methods for the potato chip frying machine, and electric heating, gas heating or other heating methods can be used according to production demands.
4.Every machine on our compound potato chips production line can be customized according to the needs of our customers
Technical Data
Name                  Specific
1.Vacuum Flour Mixer(100kg) Capacity:100kg/time Power:20.25kw
Size:2000*1000*1600(mm) Weight:700kg
Capacity:1000kg/h  Power:0.55kw
Size:2000*700*2200(mm)  Weight:200kg
3. Calender Group Capacity:500kg/h  Power:3kw
Size:4000*900*2200(mm)  Weight:1200kg
4. Forming Machine Power:1.5kw  Size:1100*900*1200(mm) Weight:260kg
5. Drying Line Capacity:500kg/h  Power:76kw
Size:8000*1100*1200(mm)  Weight:1200kg
6. Elevator
8. Vibration Oil Removal Machine Capacity:500kg/h
8. Air Drying Deoiling Machine Capacity:500kg/h
9. Elevator Capacity:1000kg/h
11. Flavoring Machine Capacity:500kg/h

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