Stainless Steel Jacket kettle Machine|Commercial Sugar Cooking Boiler Machine

  • Raw Material: Sugar,soup,meat,congee,etc
  • Capacity: 500l
  • Applications: Stainless steel jacket kettle machine is good equipment for improving quality, shortening time, improving the working conditions during food processing.
  • Main Parameter: The commercial sugar cooking machine consist of evaporation,heating space,consumption,pan diameter and depth,power can.
Introduction of stainless steel jacket kettle machine:
Stainless steel jacket kettle machine, also known as sugar boiling machines, or steam cooker machine, are usually composed of a pan body and supporting feet. The tank consists of an inner and outer spherical tank body, a double-layer structure, ventilation of the intermediate layer and steam heating. The sugar boiler machine have three type:fixed, tilted, mixed. The sugar machine has the advantages of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short liquid boiling time, easy control of heating temperature, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, convenient operation, and safety and reliability.
stainless steel jacket kettle machine
Features of commercial sugar boiler machine:
Commercial sugar boiler machine is applied to melt sugar, making preparation for further usage. It’s made of food grade stainless steel, high efficiency, and has two types to chose, electric and gas. It is easy to operate and only need one person to turn the handle to pour out the syrup automatically, usually used in various production lines. Temperature of sugar syrup pot to be at least 80℃.
This kind of cooking pot are all made of stainless steel and each with capacity of 50 to 600L. The dissolvers are fitted with agitators and its' driving motors and speed reducer. The pre-weighted sugar, glucose and water are fed into the dissolvers for dissolving.
industrial steam cooker machine
Advantages of industrial steam cooker machine:
1.This steam cooker machine is made of stainless steel, durable, corrosion-resistant, fully in line with national health standards.
2.Working pressure and stirring speed can be adjusted according to customer requirements!
3.The temperature can be controlled by the panel.
4.The operation is simple and one person can turn the syrup automatically by turning the handle. So this device is labor-saving.
5.Power can: electricity, gas. The machine can be equipped with caps or none, but also vacuum type.
6.Tilt:easy to pour and wash. Especially food cooking, food processing, soy sauce, medicine and other fields. Suitable for boiling food, used in catering, food processing, seasoning, medication and other industries.
7.Pot shell:Made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel, equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve.

Application of commercial sugar cooking boiler machine
This commercial sugar cooking boiler machine is widely applied in all kinds of food processing, widely used in candy, pharmacy, dairy products, alcohol, cakes, candied fruit, beverage, canned, braised food, can also be used in large restaurant or dining room to boil soup, cook, stew, boil congee, etc. It is good equipment for improving quality, shortening time, improving the working conditions during food processing.
sugar cooking machine
Technical Data
Model GG-50 GG-100 GG-200 GG-300 GG-400 GG-500 GG-600
Volume L 50 100 200 300 400 500 600
Working pressure( Mpa) 0.09
Evaporation Kg/h 30 40 65 75 100 150 200
Heating space (㎡) 0.40 0.60 1.00 1.44 1.65 1.90 2.30
Consumption(Kg/h) 33 44 72 110 136 165 190
Pan diameter* depth (cm) 60*45 70*52 80*55 90*63 100*68 110*75 120*78
Stir speed( r/min) 36
Power(kw) 0.37 0.37 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.1
Structure Fixed/tilting/mixing
Note: The volume, working pressure, motor power, stirring impeller structure can be customized by the requirements of customers.

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