Fried Chicken Fryer Machine|Semi-automatic Frying Machine For Chicken

  • Raw Material: chicken,meat,potato,broad beans,etc
  • Capacity: 50kg/h,100kg/h,150kg/h,200kg/h
  • Applications: fried snack food,such as chicken,meat,broad bean,peanut,chicken nuggets,etc
  • Main Parameter: This chicken fryer not only can fry chicken but also can be used to fry various foods such as French fries, potato chips, peanuts, beans and other snacks.
Introduction of chicken frying machine:
This chicken fryer is produced using the latest and most advanced technology from China. It ensures the quality and taste of the product and solves the disadvantages of traditional frying equipment. The frying temperature is low to prevent workers from being injured during work. The water temperature and oil temperature can be controlled automatically. Using advanced oil-water separation technology, oil is in the upper layer and water is in the lower layer. Can keep the oil clean and continuous use. The entire fryer is made of stainless steel and can be used to fry various foods. There is no fumes to keep the working people healthy.This chicken fryer is targeted at low energy consumption and low investment costs, and is ideal for small and medium food processing companies.
4 basket chicken deep fryer machine
Application of semi-automatic frying machine for chicken:
1.This semi-automatic fryer is small in size and easy to move. It can be used in food stalls, fast food restaurants, small-scale production of fried food processing factories, restaurants, hotels and so on.
2.This chicken fryer not only can fry chicken but also can be used to fry various foods such as French fries, potato chips, peanuts, beans and other snacks.
semi-automatic frying machine for sale
Advantages of fried chicken fryer:
1.The entire chicken fryer was made of stainless steel, which meets the national export standards for food machinery production.
2.This small-scale chicken frying machine has a reasonable structure and a small footprint, so one person can operate it.
3.Use safety measures such as thermal insulation devices to prevent injury to workers. The moderate output of this machine can adjust production according to production needs and reduce waste.
4.This chicken deep fryer machine consumes less energy and costs production.Our fryers are framed and have different yields from single basket frying to 4 basket fryers, and customers can purchase them according to production needs.
5.The equipment has coal, gas, electric heating, oil and water temperature automatic control. 50% energy saving, power saving 40%, stainless steel, safe and healthy.
Technical Data
Model Dimension
Oil Capacity
( kg/h)
GG1000 700*700*950 70kg 9kw 50kg/h
GG1200 1400*700*950  140 kg 24 kw 100 kg/h
GG1500 1700*700*950 180 kg 36 kw 150 kg/h
GG2000 2200*750*900 240kg 48kw 200kg/h

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