Best Chickpeas Deep Frying Machine

  • Raw Material: chickpeas
  • Capacity: 200-300kg/h
  • Applications: fried chickpeas and other snack food
  • Main Parameter: This chickpeas deep frying machine is an energy-saving chickpeas frying machine.This fryer is a smoke-free, multi-functional, water-oil hybrid frying equipment.
Introduction of best chickpeas frying machine:
The best chickpeas frying machine also named new energy-saving chickpeas frying machine.This fryer is a smoke-free, multi-functional, water-oil hybrid frying equipment.This equipment adopts the most advanced oil-water mixed frying technology in the world, completely changing the structure of traditional frying equipment, and fundamentally solving the drawbacks of traditional fryers. It can also be used to fry various foods at the same time. The fried food not only has good color, smell and taste, but also has a clean and beautiful appearance. It also improves the product quality and prolongs the shelf life.
best chickpeas frying machine
Function of chickpeas deep fryer machine:
This chickpeas deep fryer machine taken from heating of the reservoir in the middle of the process, control the temperature of the upper and lower reservoir, effectively alleviate the degree of oxidation of frying oil, inhibit the acid value increases, automatic filter residue in the process of frying, automatic temperature control, so as to prolong the service life of frying oil. After continuously experiments energy-saving fryer by my factory, its peroxide value and test value all meet the national standard, greatly prolong the use of frying oil cycle, reduce waste, save frying oil more 50% than traditional fryer.
chickpeas deep fryer machine
Advantages of fried chickpeas machine for sale:
The fried chickpeas frying machine has electric heating, coal heating, gas, heat transfer oil and other forms. The whole machine adopts imported high-quality stainless steel materials, exquisite workmanship, sturdiness and durability. The intelligent digital display thermostat is convenient and practical. With over-temperature protection, you can use it with confidence. The entire fryer is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the national export standards for food machinery production.

Application of chickpeas fryer machine:
The chick fryer machine are suitable for the processing of various foods, such as French fries, potato chips, broad beans, green beans, peanuts and so on.
fried chickpeas machine
Technical Data
Model GG-1500
(Coal heating type with mixing function)
Capacity 200-300kg/h
Dimension 2400*2000*1700mm
Weight 1200kg
The machine including the Automatic feeding systems and discharging systems
The machine with the mixing part
The machine don’t include the stove
The Machine can only use oil ,not has Oil-water separation function
Don’t put the heating thermometer in the fry pan,Put it beside of the pan

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