French Fries De-oiling Machine|Fried French Fries Oil Dryer Machine

  • Raw Material: fried french fries,fried potato chips,fried snack food
  • Capacity: 200-300kk/h,300-400kg/h,400-500kg/h,500-700kg/h
  • Applications: remove oil from fried food
  • Main Parameter: The french fries de-oiling machine is mainly used for the dehydration and deoiling of fried foods and wood packaging.
Introduction of french fries de-oling machine:
The french fries de-oiling machine is mainly used for the dehydration and deoiling of fried foods and wood packaging. The deoiler is equipped with a shockproof system, and the equipment will not vibrate during the deoiling process. The use of centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brakes, digital automatic control, stainless steel, is the most advanced vegetable dehydration equipment currently.
french fried de-oiling machine
Features of fried french fries de-oiler machine:
1.Made of stainless steel, durable, hygiene and easy to clean.
2.Adopt advanced and suitable centrifugal principle technology to guarantee maximum de-oiling.
3.Equip the shock absorber in order to stable and balance performance requirement during the process of de-oiling.
4.Install the digital control system, which can meet continues uninterrupted work and high efficiency.
5.The electromagnetic brake will give you an energy-saving and labor-saving work environment.
6.The stainless steel material can give you a long service life and reduce maintenance cost.
fried french oil dryer machine
Application of french fries oil dryer machine:
1.The fried french fries deoiler machine also named french fries oil deryer machine, is mainly used for the deoiling of fried fries, potato chips, banana chips, peanuts and other fried foods to ensure that the fried foods have a better taste and are easier to store.
2.This de-oiling machine can be used both for drying round, oval fruits and vegetables .It is suitable for carrot, garlic, ginger, potato, cabbage,green bell pepper, spinach, tomato, parsley, mushroom, onion and green onion etc.Put the vegetables in the hopper of this dehydration machine, machines will be using centrifugal principle make vegetables dehydration.
Technical Data
Model GG-400 GG-500 GG-600 GG-800
Dimension 1000*500*700mm 1100*600*750mm 1200*700*750mm 1400*900*800mm
Power 1.1 kw 1.5 kw 2.2 kw 3kw
Voltage 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v
Capacity 200-300kg/h 300-400kg/h 400-500kg/h 500-700kg/h

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