Automatic French Fries Making Machine|French Fries Processing Line

  • Raw Material: potatoes
  • Capacity: 100-300kg/h,200-500kg/h
  • Applications: make potatoes into french fries and potato chips
  • Main Parameter: Potato washing and peeling - French fries cutting - French fries blanching - French fries dehydrating - French fries frying - French fries de-oiling - French fries seasoning - French fries packing
Introducton of Automatic french fries making machine:
Our automatic french fries  making machine provide best fries frying machine for you.As we all know fryers cook most of popular foods in a fun and unique way in current. They will deal with traditional fried foods such as chicken potato chips and french fries. Having a good potato chip line allows you to make all these delicious foods more efficiently and quickly. Let's explain the manufacturing method and process of
potato chips making machine:

Potato washing and peeling - French fries cutting - French fries blanching - French fries dehydrating - French fries frying - French fries de-oiling - French fries seasoning - French fries packing
french fries making machine
Potato cleaning and peeling machine: with a soft brush, potato cleaning and peeling machine can completely remove thin skin from potato, peeling rate as high as 98%, to ensure the good start of the entire chips production line and the normal working speed.
Fries cutting machine: This fries machine can cut the peeled potatoes into strips and slices. The knife can be adjusted to strips and sheets and different thicknesses as needed.
Fries Bleaching Machine: The potato strip blanching machine is a pretreatment device that kills harmful bacteria and maintains the original flavour of the food. Hot potato strips have a clear color and vegetable odor, while active enzymes are inhibited for easy retention.
Fries dewatering machine: The French fries dehydrator uses centrifugal dewatering to remove the surface moisture from the blanching horse fries. The French fries processed with this dehydrator can be easily fried in fryers. Equipped with shockproof device. The dehydrator operates stably at high speeds.
French fries frying machine: There are several ways to add a jiao-electric heating fryer, coal heating fryer, gas heating fryer. You can choose according to your own energy resources. The fryer uses an over-temperature protection system to ensure safe production. Advanced fryers can save more than 50% of oil.
French fries degreasing machine: Similar to the French fries dehydrator, the fries deoiler uses centrifugal principles to remove excess oil from the fries. Eating too much oil is not good for human health. At the same time, deoiling technology reduces production costs.
French fries seasoning: potatoes and French fries can add a variety of flavors of spices. There are two ways: octagonal and roller type, this equipment is easy to operate, high yield, even mixing, low broken rate during the seasoning process. Automatic discharge, suitable for any kind of fried food.
Nitrogen-enriched fries packing machine: Seasoned fries need to be smashed quickly before deterioration. French fries sealed in nitrogen-filled bags do not react with oxygen. The packaged French fries can remain for a long time without any loss of taste.

Advantages of french fries processing line:
1.Made of stainless steel, ensuring good quality and long service life of machines;
2.Economical and practical, stable running and performance, with good quality competitive price.
3.Advanced technology guarantees the plant lower energy cost and lower labor cost.
4.The installation project can be customized according to customers' factory
5.Easy to operate and clean. 
Technical Data
No. Machine name Product parameter
Brush Washing Machine (GG-800)
Power: 1.5 kw
Capacity: 600 kg/h
Dimension:1400*850*800 mm
Potato Making Machine
Power: 1.1 kw
Dimension: 950*900*1000 mm
Bleaching and Washing Machine
Power: 24 kw
Dimension: 1000*500*900 mm
Dewatering machine
Power: 1.5kw
Dimension: 1000*600*850 mm
Chain Bucket Type Packaging Machine (GG-480)
Packing Speed:20-40Bags/min
Bag Size Making L: 30-300mm    W: 30-210mm
Total Power: 2.5KW/220V
The Thickness Of The Packing Film: 0.05-0.1mm
Measure Range: 5-1000g
Diameter Of The Rolling Paper: <= 450
Gross Weight (kg): 500 kg
Outsize Dimensions:820*1100*1980 mm
Semi-Automatic Weighting and Packing Machine( Can not Make Bags)(GGS-2)
Weighting Range: 1-10kg
Single Bucket: 23L
Precise: <=10g
Packing Speed: 20bags/min
Weighting Number: 2
Power: 800W
It also need a sealing machine to seal the bag.
Vertical sealing machine(with Date Printer Device)
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Power: 500W
Seal Width: 5-14mm
Seal Speed: 0-12m/min
Temperature Range: 0-300℃
Sealing Length: Not limited to
Printing Words: ≦39 pcs
Dimensions: 600*320*550mm
Weight: 25kg

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