Chicken Nuggets Making Machine|Chicken Nuggets Production Line

  • Raw Material: chicken,snack foods, fish, meat, poultry, aquatic products, patties, etc.
  • Capacity: 500-1500kg/h
  • Applications: chicken nuggets,fish,meat
  • Main Parameter: Chicken nuggets making machine mainly consists of continuous powdering machine, continuous frying machine, vibrating screen machine, air-drying line, lifting machine and flavoring machine.
Description of chicken nuggets making machine:
Chicken nuggets making machine mainly consists of continuous powdering machine, continuous frying machine, vibrating screen machine, air-drying line, lifting machine and flavoring machine. The entire chincken nuggets production line is made of stainless steel, which is safe and sanitary and meets the international food machinery production standards. With a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and other characteristics. Applicable to the production of snack foods, fish, meat, poultry, aquatic products, meat pie, and fried foods.
chicken nuggets making machine
chicken nuggets frying machine
Working flow:
Material——powdering machine——Deep frying——vibrating——air-drying——flavoring
Chicken nuggets process principle:
The food is conveyed with double mesh belts, and the upper and lower mesh belts can be frequency-converted. The user can adjust the conveying speed of the mesh belt according to the difference in the fried food, and the temperature is raised quickly and the production efficiency is high. An electric lifting system is provided to facilitate the worker's cleaning and maintenance of the body. There is also an automatic smoke extraction system and a constant temperature continuous production system to ensure that the workers have a good working environment, and at the same time ensure that the food is cooked at the same temperature, so that the taste of the fried food is crispy.
Function of chicken nuggets machine:
Continuous powdering machine: Flour the chicken pieces with a dusting machine so that the fried products can protect the tender meat during the frying process. Divided into slurry and thick paste. Slurry can make the chicken pieces more fragile, protect the deep taste of the fried product juice, frying time is short, suitable for frying is a short time. Thick paste can fully protect the meat, suitable for chicken, salt crisp chicken and other products with longer frying time. It can also increase the production yield of fried products.
Chicken nugget continuous frying machine:Adopts double mesh belt conveyor food, upper and lower mesh belt with frequency conversion. Users according to the different of the Fried food can adjust the transmission speed of mesh belt, raise temperature quickly, high production efficiency. Set up electric lift system, which makes it convenient for the workers to clean and maintain the machines. And automatic exhaust system and constant temperature continuous production system, ensure that workers have a good work environment.
Vibrating screen machine:This kind of vibrating screen is used to remove the oil on the surface of chicken nuggets. It is made of stainless steel 304. And will no damage to chicken nuggets.
Air-drying line:This air-drying machine is used to remove the oil on the surface of chicken nuggets. After the chicken nugget come into this machine from vibrating screen, the fan of this machine will produce air to cool the chicken nuggets and also remove the residual oil on the surface of chicken nuggets.
Lifting machine:The use of lifting machine to raise chicken nuggets not only saves manpower but also increases work efficiency. Increase revenue.
Flavoring machine:This flavoring machine is suitable for food seasoning in food production. This equipment has seasoning cylinders, automatic control speed and material capacity, suitable for assembly line, flavor continuity. With automatic feeding device, the feeding device can adjust the amount of powder, and can be used to stir the seasoning powder separately when coating the seasoning, and no different ratio of sedimentation or adhesion can be formed. This powder coating machine is used to cover the powder on the surface of chicken pieces. It can work continuously, and the amount of powder can also be automatically controlled according to production requirements.
chicken nugget
Advantages of chicken nuggets production line:
1.Made of stainless steel, ensuring good quality and long service life of machines;
2. Economical and practical, stable running and performance, with good quality competitive price.
3. Advanced technology guarantees the plant lower energy cost and lower labor cost.
4. The installation project can be customized according to customers' factory.
Technical Data
No. Name Quantity(set) Power  
1 Continuous Powdering Machine 1 0.75Kw  
2 Continuous Frying Machine 1 120Kw  
3 Vibrating Screen 1 0.5Kw  
4 Wind Cooling Machine 1 10.1Kw  
5 Lifting Machine 1 0.55Kw  

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