Chicken Block Production Line|Chicken Block Making Machine

  • Raw Material: chicken,meat,flour,etc
  • Capacity: 300kg/h,500kg/h,1000kg/h and other capacity
  • Applications: fried meat ,such as chicken,fish,etc
  • Main Parameter: Our chicken block making machine consist of meat cube cutting machine,starching machine,powdering machine,continuous frying machine,de-oiling machine.
Introdcution of chicken block making machine:
Our chicken block making machine consist of meat cube cutting machine,starching machine,powdering machine,continuous frying machine,de-oiling machine.Whether it is meat, poultry, aquatic products or vegetables, this production line can automatically complete molding, powdering, sizing, and other processes, and can be combined with fryers, cooking machines, quick-freezing machines, packaging machines, and mature foods. The production line produces high value-added products that meet market demand.
chicken block making machine
Features of chicken block production line:
Meat cutting machine:to cut the sizes and shapes of cuboids and cubes. The fresh meat can be cut into different sizes, different shapes of the cube and cuboid. This dicing machine can also be processed into a variety of shapes, tablets.
Starching machine:Starching machine is through the pulp curtain and the bottom of the batter bath will be evenly coated on the chicken, beef, pork, fish, shrimp and other seafood. Applicable to the above crumbs and powder before the process.The use of fast-mounted design, easy to clean, slurry pump on the slurry transport shear small, low degree of viscosity damage to the slurry; easy to adjust, reliable; with a reliable safety protection device, the use of SIEMENS electrical devices safe and reliable.
Powdering machine:The crumbs are bread crumbs and bread crumbs in the bed. Bread crumbs are evenly coated on seafood products such as chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp.Excellent circulatory system, greatly reducing the damage of bread crumbs; not only for debris, but also for coarse dust.The use of frequency control, easy to adjust, easy to achieve standardized production, with a reliable security device.
Chicken block continuous frying machine:
1.Mesh belt transmission adopts frequency infinitely adjustable-speed, frying time can be controlled.
2.Equipment with automatic lifting system Easy to clean
3.At the bottom , there is the waste discharge,Can automatically discharge dregs.
4.Use upper and lower double mesh belt transmission, can avoid the floater
5.Our this model machine have oil circulation filter system,can continuously filtered oil residue, and extend the service life of cooking oil.
De-oiling machine:This machine is used to remove oil for fried food, like peanut, potato chips, chicken etc. It has larger width frame, made of full stainless steel, making machine working stable and automatic discharge from bottom. 
chicken block production line
Advantages of chicken block making machine:
1.Made of stainless steel, ensuring good quality and long service life of machines;
2.Economical and practical, stable running and performance, with good quality competitive price.
3.Advanced technology guarantees the plant lower energy cost and lower labor cost.
4.The installation project can be customized according to customers' factory
5.Easy to operate and clean. 
Technical Data
No Name Capacity Dimension Power
1 Meat Cube Cutting Machine 300Kg/h 1460x880x1000mm 1.5Kw+0.75Kw
2 Starching machine 200kg/h 1400*550*1250mm 0.62kw
3 Powdering machine 200kg/h 1720*650*1400mm 0.86kw
4 Lifting Machine 1000kg/h 2000*650*1300mm 0.75Kw
5 Continuous Frying Machine(Electric) 150-300kg/h 3500*1200*2400mm 120KW
6 De-oiling Machine 300Kg/h 1100*1100*1500mm 2.2Kw

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