Semi-automatic Banana Chips Production Line

  • Raw Material: banana,plantain
  • Capacity: 70kg/h,150kg/h,300kg/h
  • Applications: make banana into banana chips
  • Main Parameter: banana chips slicer,banana chips de-water machine,banana chips frying machine,banana chips seasoning machine
Introduction of semi-automatic banana chips production line:
The semi-automatic banana chips production line is similar to the production of potato chips.At first using banana chips slicer to cut banana into slice,and then fried banana chips by banana chips frying machine, followed by seasoning and packaging. Normally fried banana fries are made from immature or green bananas. First, the bananas are sliced in keeping with the color, and then fried in sunflower oil or coconut oil. Banana chip makers can make banana chips of different tastes based on the eating habits of people in different regions. Such as sweet banana chips, salty banana chips, spicy banana chips and so on.
semi-automatic banana chips production line
Working flowchart of banana chips machine:
Plantain---Cutting to be slice---rinsing---blanching to protect the color---de-watering to remove the water on the surface of plantain chips---fryer machine---de-oiling to remove the oil on the surface of plantain chips---seasoning machine to add different flavor on the plantain chips---packing.
banana chips making machine
Features of banana chips production line:
Banana chips slicer: Feed vertically to ensure that the sliced banana slices are neat and tidy. Two feeding throats fix the slice speed. The hidden knife and slicer have high safety and security during the banana slice process.
Banana slice blanching machine: After being processed by banana slice blanching machine, banana slices have good taste, good color, high texture and high nutritional value. Blanching time and temperature can be changed.
Banana slice de-water machine: It is used to remove the surface moisture of banana slices. This dehydrator uses eccentricity. Reduces the frying time of banana chips.
Banana chip fryer: This banana chip fryer makes oil on top and water down on different scales. The fried banana chips are directly precipitated in the water, prolonging the circulation of oil and reducing costs. The oil temperature control accuracy ensures the quality and taste of the banana chips.
Banana Fries Seasoning Machine: Fried banana chips can be seasoned with different tastes. There are three ways of seasoning: disc type, octagonal type and drum type.
banana chips machine
Advantages of banana chips making machine:
1.Compact structure ,easy operation
2.Has advantage of continuous production, save the labor.
3.Steady performance, good quality,best skill of weld.
4.Made of 304 stainless steel, safe and durable.
banana chips

Technical Data
Item Power Size
1.Plantain Chips Cutting Machine 0.75kw  380V-3/220V-3 650*550*900mm
5. Rinsing Machine 5kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1600*900mm
6. Blanching Machine 70kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1600*950mm
7. Vibrating De-oiling Machine 1.5kw/380v/50Hz 1800*1000*900mm
9. Air De-watering Machine 15kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1200*1400mm
10. Elevator 0.75kw/380v/50hz 1500*800*1300mm
11. Electric Heating Fryer Machine 203kw/380v/50Hz 5000*1200*2600mm
12. Vibrating De-oiling Machine 1.5kw/380v/50Hz 1500*1000*1300mm
13. Air Drying Machine 8kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1200*1600mm
14. Elevator 0.75kw/380v/50Hz 2000*800*2200mm
15. Seasoning Machine 1.5kw/380v/50hz 2000*700*1600mm
16.Automatic Packing Machine 4kw/380v/50hz 3000*3000*2800mm

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