Vegetable Hot Air Drying Machine|Banana Chips Cooling Machine

  • Raw Material: banana chips,potato chips,carrot,potatoes,
  • Capacity: 500-1000kg/h
  • Applications: drying potato chips,banana chips and other fried snack food,and also can dry fruit and vegetable.
  • Main Parameter: The dryer for vegetable dehydration consists of feeder, drying bed, heat exchange, damp exhaust fan, etc.
Introduction of hot air drying machine:
This hot air drying machine effectively remove water droplets from surface of vegetables.Shorten the preparation of the labeling, packing, suitable for assembly line work, improving the enterprise production automation degree.Blow drying air temperature is room temperature, effectively protecting the color and quality of the material itself.
vegetable hot air drying machine
Working processing of hot air dryer for vegetable:
During operation, the air enters the dryer and is heated by the heat exchanger. The hot air undergoes uniform heat exchange to the raw material on the drying bed through a scientific and rational method of adjusting the circulation. Under the effect of the circulation fan, the hot air of each unit of the dryer flows for hot air circulation. The last low temperature, high humidity air will be discharged. The whole drying process is stable and efficient.

potato chips cooling machineFeatures of vegetable hot air drying machine:
1.The dryer for vegetable dehydration consists of feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger, damp exhaust fan, etc.
2.Its dry area, air pressure, air amount, dry temperature and speed of net belt can be adjusted in order to suitable for different characteristics of vegetable and the requirement of quality.
3.This machine can not only dry wet fruits and vegetables but also cool fried foods. This air dryer is also called cooling machine. The fried bananas can be deoiled and cooled for large-scale production of fried lines.This fried food cooler machine can cooling banana chips,potato chips,french fries etc.
4.Helps collect grease and saves production costs. Quickly cool fried foods and increase production efficiency.

banana chips cooling machine
Working Principle of banana chips cooling machine:
Fried banana chips or blanched chips by mesh belt transmission to the wind cooling machine, turn over for many times, in order to realize more surface uniformity of the wind for material, through the high pressure of blower cooling wind will food and then blow dry oil or water on the surface of the chips, shape design of the wind as the knife, effectively improve the air pressure, blow away oil or water on the surface of the material in a short period of time, facilitate subsequent working procedure. At the bottom of the cooling machine set a drip pan or drain pan.
Technical Data
Model Power
GG6000 16.6 380 1300 kg 6000*1200*1600

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