Development Of Automatic Fryer

To understand the development of automatic fryer, it is necessary to first understand the origin of fried foods.Humans first invented fried foods. And then,with the development of industrialization and the need of people for fried foods, fried foods began to be commercially produced. Deep fryers were invented and their degree of automation became higher and higher with the development of science and technology.
continuous deep fryer machine
The earliest fried foods in history should have been in China in the first century AD. At that time, only some of the food was fried with sesame oil and there was no widespread trend of fried foods. It was not until the 17th century AD that fried foods began to thrive in some Western countries and slowly swept across the globe. The earliest fried foods were processed using an iron pan that burned wood underneath. With the popularity of fried foods, this ancient frying method was gradually replaced by an automatic fryer with high automation and high productivity.
Now deep frying machine for commercial not only can automatically control the temperature, but also can automatically feed, automatic discharge, and even can automatically clean up the residue generated during the frying process.

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Advantages of this continuous deep fryer machine:
1. The continuous deep frying machine is used for frying snacks, chips, peanut, meat, and fish etc,
2. Which is divided into electrical heating or burning coal to heat the machine.
3. Saving 50% oil and 40% electric and coal, with stainless steel, safe and health.
4. This Frying machine is used for frying different food stuff, such as pellets, nuts, and chips etc.
5. The potato chips frying machine could make timing frying, deoiling at the same time.
6. The temperature, fry time and deoiling time are all controlled by PC.
7. All kinds of food can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result.
8. The oil content of frying food could also be well controlled in deoiling device.
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